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Athena Search Integrations

Magento 2 logo

Magento 2

The connection between Athena Search and a Magento 2 store offers a seamless search and rich autocomplete that provide customers with the best search results.

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WordPress with WooCommerce logo

WordPress / WooCommerce

Integrate Athena Search with your WordPress/WooCommerce website, you will be able to raise your brand’s awareness and empower your web store’s search experience.

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Open API

Open API

Thanks to open API calls, Athena Search can be implemented on a vast variety of eCommerce platforms. Easily integrate our advanced search platform with your eCommerce store or blog.

Open API


PWA card content: Athena Search can be easily integrated with PWA. Effortlessly implement this AI-powered site search and let your online business grow in an unexpected way.


Big on features, easy to use.

  1. Magento 2 Integration
  2. WordPress / WooCommerce Integration
  3. Detailed Dashboard Analytics
  4. Autocomplete with Rich Results
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Dashboard Merchandise
  7. Email Reports
Athena Search Features

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